Machi Koro: Harbors

Its election time in Machi Koro and your mayorship is in peril. The citizens are no longer wowed by Cheese Factories and Coffee Shops. Winning reelection means going big.

Remember that bay that the cheese factories have been dumping their curds and whey into? Your salvation lies in rehabbing that polluted body of water and wowing your townspeople. So get ready to roll up your sleeves and earn those votes. A pic2465265_mdharbor with fancy boats and sushi bars and a shiny new airport will surely bring more prosperity to town and more gratitude! Sure, the city might not have the money in its coffers to pay for all this, but that never stopped you before, and maybe your neighbors do…pic2465267_md

The Machi Koro: Harbor Expansion injects further excitement into the game, want even more fun in your box?! Perhaps ten new establishments, one new starting establishment and two new landmarks will help?


Whats in the box?!pic2467328_lg_0

Machi Koro: Harbor Expansion includes cards that allow for up to five players to compete at the same time (82 cards total), while Machi Koro Plus includes only the new types of cards (68 cards).


The Review:

The harbors expansion to Machi Koro changes game play quite a bit, no longer can you depand on the same old strategy to build the great town.  One of the best changes is how the market for buildings gets set up, instead of having access to all the available buildings in the game, a market of 10 possible options is set up, and will change throughout the game. The Harbor itself makes things interesting, and City Hall with its little welfare pay out if you are broke can sure help out at times.

I believe this is a must when it comes to expansions, the new depth and strategy The harbor expansion adds make this like a whole new playing experience.