King of Tokyo

| 2-6 Players | 30 Minutes | Ages 8+ |

Ladies and Gentleman, tonight Iello Games is proud to present the fight of the century! In the red corner a giant robot bunny, her opponent in the blue corner godzil… GigaZaur! Let’s get ready to rumble!!

Is a combat game that involves dice, cards and a very small board but it certainly packs a Punch! Play mutant monsters, gigantic robots and other monstrous creatures, while you joyfully whack your opponents, rampage through the city and become the one and only King of Tokyo!


Roll and re-roll your dice using a Yahtzee mechanic. Combine your dice to gather energy, heal your monster or just slap others. Spend your energy to trigger permanent or one-shot special powers. Stop at nothing to become the King of Tokyo… but that’s when the real trouble begins for you!

My Thoughts:

“Why cant I heal in a major metropolitan area?!” , because you cant heal in tokyo… this is a really great light weight game, especially for folks just getting into the hobby and for kids. Lots of brights colors, a familiar mechanic and a super fun concept.


Author: Chris

I'm an avid board game and cooking enthusiast.

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