Camel Up

| 2-8 Players | 20-30 Minutes | Ages 8+ |
Camel up… Camel Cup… call it what you will it’s still fun!
As members of Egyptian high society, you gather in the desert with one simple goal: to gain the most money by backing the right camel to win a leg or even the entire race. However, in this race, it’s not just the lucky ones who can beat the odds. Reading the dynamics of the race and having a good sense of timing is just as important when it comes to backing the right camels and taking the victory

The Gameplay:

In Camel Up, up to eight players bet on five racing camels, trying to figure out which will place first and second in a quick race around a pyramid. The earlier you place your bet, the bigger your possible return — if you guess correctly, of course. Each round the Pyramid dice shaker will be turned over revealing

Camels don’t run neatly, however, sometimes landing on top of one another and being carried toward the finish line. Who’s going to run when? That all depends on how the dice come out of the pyramid dice shaker, which releases one die at a time when players pause from their bets long enough to see who’s actually moving

The Review:

Every character has a detailed backstory and a specific personality, well at least according to my gaming group. I love this game, there isn’t much to it, it’s a betting game, but who cares it’s great fun with a group. Great for teaching risk/reward dynamics to kids and even better teaching it to adults who do not think in that manner. I totally recommend it to anyone who wants a medium weight game


Author: Chris

I'm an avid board game and cooking enthusiast.

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