Three Cheers for Master



| 2-6 Player | 30-45 Minutes | Ages 13+|

Master has been blue lately. It’s just not the same now that all lands known to evil have been conquered and when Master’s blue, it’s the minions who suffer.

As a lieutenant in Master’s army — a foreminion — it falls to you to cheer him up. Not the easiest task, even in the best of times. But then it hit you: What better way to cheer Master up than a cheer leading competition?

Whichever foreminion builds and scales the most impressive tower of war-hungry minions in Three Cheers for Master will win Master’s heart. What could possibly go wrong…

The Gameplay:

All players are dealt three card, and out of those three cards you play two – there are three types of cards; Minion cards, movement cards and Big Fat Hairy Fight cards.

Minion cards – minions that can be placed on your creation OR on your opponent’s to cause havoc.

Movement cards – can shift cards in your pyramid to create a better stack or to prevent a fight OR to mangle your opponent’s build.

Big Fat Hairy Fight cards – Randomly inserted in the draw deck, you must stop as soon as each one of these cards appears and resolve ALL combat actions. This means some pyramids will collapse, some minions most certainly will die and your Foreminion might end up flat on his butt.


After you play two cards you draw back up and the next player goes. Play suspends when each Big Fat Hairy Fight card appears and combat happens – and when the Master finally appears you fight three times to show your worthiness and then count up your points to see who gains the Master’s approval.


Because size does matter in this game, and not just about how high your ForeMinion got, your point score will rise depending on the point value of each card and which level it’s at. A two-point minion on the second level will be multiplied by two, delivering four points. If the same card is on the third level it’ll be worth six and so on – up until the height of your Foreminion. Forgot to move him up the stack as you go? Too bad master only sees that first level of your tower!


This is, of course, why you must CRUSH YOUR COMPETITION! Sometimes literally…


Combat is fast, smooth and hysterical – arrows on your minion cards show which way they will attack and in what priority. Three arrows go first, then two and then one. They will kill the minion next to it, leaving a gap in your pyramid. But don’t panic there are defenses. Barriers and shields can help your minions survive long enough to keep buildings… until, of course, the minion below them die and then gravity takes over.  Most minions will not survive the fall, after all it’s not gravity that kills them but the subsequent impact with the ground, or another minion, that does.  Be careful, some minions are “heavy” and can do some real damage on their way down.

The review:

This game is hilarious; laughter has been non-stop each time I’ve played this game. The flavor text is twisted, and amazing! When played this “little card game” can take up a ton of table space, in fact the last time I played we had to switch to the floor to accommodate all the players. This is by Atlas Games the folks who brought us Gloom, and the humor is the same. This is a crazy fun game that is easy to teach, easy to learn, and hilarious. I cannot recommend it enough, especially if you like a little dark humor now and again


Author: Chris

I'm an avid board game and cooking enthusiast.

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