| 2 Players | 20 Minutes | Age 9+ |
Two mighty insectoid armies face off. Ants scurry about the battlefield, grasshoppers leap over their companion and foes alike to gain greater footing, and mighty Beatles stride atop others pinning them down as they go. All this to protect your queen and surround the opposing queen.
The Gameplay:

Hive is a highly addictive strategic game for two players that is not restricted by a board and can be played anywhere on any flat surface. Hive is made up of twenty two pieces, eleven black and eleven white, resembling a variety of creatures each with a unique way of moving.  With no setting up to do, the game begins when the first piece is placed down. As the subsequent pieces are placed this forms a pattern that becomes the playing surface (the pieces themselves become the board). Unlike other such games, the pieces are never eliminated and not all have to be played. The object of the game is to totally surround your opponent’s queen, while at the same time trying to block your opponent from doing likewise to your queen. The player to totally surround his opponent’s queen wins the game.

The review:

Hive is a great alternative to something like Chess or Go, but accessible enough that younger children could learn the rules. I really enjoy this game,  but honestly it doesn’t get in the rotation nearly as much as it should.  I don’t get many chances to play 2 player games.  I love playing this one on my phone,  but you can’t beat playing in person.  I would recommend this game to anyone who enjoys strategy, abstract,  or bug games.


Author: Chris

I'm an avid board game and cooking enthusiast.

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