Dice City

| 1-4 Players | 45 – 60 Minutes | Age 14+ |
By decree of the Queen, there needs to be a new capital!

The Kingdom of Rolldovia is in turmoil. Her royal highness the Queen, has decreed that there will be a new capital, after the old one was sacked by hordes of barbarians and bandits from the south. As leaders of one of the country’s influential noble families, players vie with each other to establish their provincial city as the best home for Rolldovia’s new capital. You must choose your city’s path in gaining the approval of all others in the kingdom


The Gameplay:

Dice City is a “dice-crafting” game in which the locations in your city act as the changing faces of your dice each turn. Use tactics and strategy to press your claim!
You each have several ways to promote your city; create strong armies; construct wondrous buildings; or open up trade routes. Gather the most victory points before one of the end game conditions are met so you can win! The secret is to manage your city and its natural resources carefully to make the best of your fortunes. 


The review:

Dice city is really fun to play and as y’all might have noticed that this is one of my favorite types of games, economic games!  This is also one of my least favorite types of games, Dice games!! (Dice hate me) this game is crazy fun, and with so many different effective strategies to win anyone from a novice to a hardcore strategy gamers can pick this up and play.  I really do enjoy this game and can say that it is a good intro for those gamer who are just getting in to the hobby. This is easily accessible, has a ton of expansions, and is crazy fun to play.  Would recommend this as an introductory game for most new gamers.


Author: Chris

I'm an avid board game and cooking enthusiast.

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