Guildhall Fantasy

I’m going to start off by saying that this is a re-skining of Guildhall Job Faire, a game that I did not really care for. The original used the same mechanics, however it was set up as a more realistic medieval jobs.  Now guildhall fantasy has thieves, paladins, and wizards. Really now who doesn’t want to build a guild of fantasy adventurers?!

The gameplay:

In Guildhall Fantasy, each profession grants you special abilities, and these abilities grow stronger the more of that profession that you collect. When you cash in that profession set for victory points, however, you lose the ability until you can build it up again.

The review:

I first played this game at RinCon 2016, and it was awesome.  A good friend and I played with some total strangers, all of us were new to the game, and we were all able to pick up the rules and start playing really quick.  The game is fast paced and strategic, it is from AEG so surprise it’s a card game… but it’s a good card game. I lost my first playthrough of this game, and pretty badly at that.  And yet the moment I had an opportunity to buy this game I did.  I love games like this, they are easy to teach have a fair amount of strategy that makes it a rich experience and I can teach it to kids and adults


Author: Chris

I'm an avid board game and cooking enthusiast.

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