Pyramid Arcade

Pyramid Arcade is a complete game library in one box. Inside, you’ll find everything you need to play 22 different tabletop games, each of which uses the Looney Pyramid gaming pieces in a different way. The games in this arcade range from easy to complex, from mostly-luck to pure skill, and from time-killer to brain-burner. Developed over the course of more than twenty-five years, the games in this set are truly out of this world!


The Gameplay:

In all honesty I cannot give you a fair explanation of how to play pyramid Arcade as there are 22 games inside, and makes it possible to play hundreds of additional games. so what i will do is list the names of the games and do a series of extra posts that will detail how they play. But first look at all the parts!!


The Games:

Ice Dice
Zark City
Color Wheel
Black Ice
Twin Win
Petal Battle
Launchpad 23
Ice Towers
Lunar Invaders
Looney Ludo
Give or Take
World War 5
Petri Dish
Martian Chess

The Review:

I love this set, I love darn near everything Looney Labs puts out, and having gotten to meet Andy Looney I can say he is freaking amazing! the games in the Arcade are beautifully abstract and down right wonderful.  I enjoy these games so much, that when i purchased this at my LFGS I opened it up called over several people and we player Verticallity and Pyramid-sham-bo right then. I cannot recommend this enough!

The Links:


Looney Labs





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